New Build with Missing Sensors

I just bought a konnected panel to go with my pre-wired home security system in my new house.  As soon as I started wiring the board I realized all the windows and doors are missing the other half (the non-wired magnetic piece) of the contact sensors.  When I asked the builder why they were missing, they said that's the job of the security system company that does the installation.

So, my question is how should I go about getting the sensors?  Do they have to match the model of the existing sensors?  I was able to determine that the window sensors are Flair VIP100-1.

Any tips would be appreciated.  Thanks!

I had the same experience.

The sensors are wired to your windows and doors. You're missing the magnets.

Find out who the electrical subcontractor is for your home/subdivision. They installed all of the alarm wiring and if you ask nicely, will likely provide you with the missing magnets.

If you have other electrical work to be done, like adding an outlet, ask for both at the same time to increase the likelihood of the electrical sub contractor agreeing.

If they refuse to provide the magnets, give the electrical sub a 1-star Yelp review and find your nearest Platt Electrical or similar store to purchase.

Note: window magnets use 3M stick-on; door magnets require drilling into the top of the door.