New house came with an alarm - how do I identify my sensors?

Hey everyone - my wife and I purchased our first home. It came with an alarm system. We are not going to use the alarm and I was about to pull it out - and then I stumbled on the konnected board - which we are about to order.

My concern is - I don’t know what sensors the house has, and I don’t know how to go about identifying them in order to properly hook up my konnected board.

Before I order it I want to be sure I will be able to complete my install by being able to identify my sensors in the box, there doesn’t seem to be a video detailing this process.

I’ve included some pictures of what I currently have.

Looks like a Vista 15 p it’s written on the wiring diagram in one of the pictures. Take a look at the installation video from connected to get you started. Most new homes come pre wired your sales person my be able to give you an idea what it came with. Many times alarm companys give builders a discount on the equipment and installation. This way when you call them to activate it they charge you. Usually offer free installation. My free installation came with $400 in upgrades that they convinced us we needed. I googled it and found an installation guide. Start there and on the keypad it has some of the zones and sensors written in.