FBII XL-2 Install Armed or not Status Feed?

Anyone install the Konnected Interface Board (new one that allows old alarm system to function) on an FBII XL-2 (circa 1995)?  I got everything working: zones connected and even the arm/disarm working using a momentary switch device on SmartThings App.  Seems the FBII XL-2 has a keyswitch built in on pins 8 and 10 for the arm/disarm.  But I cannot find how to get the feed for arm or not status?  There is no program pins so that's out - I don't know if one of the Zones can be programmed for this?

Hello Budi Tan.  Did you get any further with your questions on "feed for arm or not status" ??   Also if you can, please elaborate on the "how to" aspects of the success you had with  "I got everything working: zones connected and even the arm/disarm working using a momentary switch device on SmartThings App"  I too have the FBI VL-2T system that was installed by the builder in 1999/2000.  Did your FBI system have resistors on the wires where they attached to the FBI circuit boards?

Got mine working, see picture for wiring. FBII XL-2T board programming:

Enter programming mode:






Go to question 23 (zone 7):




 8 (key switch)

 # (next location)


 9 (N/O/entry time #2)

 # (save)


Go to question 14 (triggers):



(follow arming state)





 F ([CODE] + [1])


(follow READY state)







Exit programming mode:





Thanks Antonio Montes for the programming details and photos.  I am completely new to konnected, but am in the tech profession.  Few newbie questions if you don't mind:

1. "FBII XL-2T board programming: enter programming code" - what do I need to do or connect with to proceed with the suggested programming steps and codes you provided?

2. I see you have 2 connections from interface 'B" to trigger points on your old alarm system.  Was this documented somewhere to do this?  I assume the 'trigger' from your old alarm system is 'output' to the interface board.  Can you elaborate what do you use that signal for?  

3. I noticed the interface documentation only talks about connecting power and zone trigger points to it from old alarm.  I am curious with only those connections, how would you know arm/disarm status, and how could you arm and disarm the alarm system?

Thanks for any info and answers in advance!

Hi, Michael.

1. I used one of my three LCD keypads to program the alarm board. You'll need the installer code. If you don't have it, call the alarm company and ask for it. They'll probably give it to you. If not, you'll have to reset the board.

2. The FBII XL-2T has two trigger connections. They can be programmed to do a multitude of things. In my case, I wanted to "follow" the ready and arm lights. The Smartthings app can then display the status of these two lights. Typically, if the system is armed, the arm light will be on. If the system is not armed, the ready light is on unless a sensor is open (open a window, a door, or walk across a PIR sensor). These two lights are zones 1 and 2 of the B interface board.

3.  Zone 7 of the FBII XL-2T alarm board can be programmed to arm/disarm the system (the keyswitch feature). The original installation had a resistor between posts 8 and 10. I simply ran two wires from those to the relay. The relay is then activated by the main Konnected board with the red, gray, blue wires you see in the instructions. Obviously, you can use either of the two boards. Also the relay board has two relays. I haven't thought about what to use the second relay for.

Let me know if you have other questions



Thanks for your detail reply and info Tony!  I see and understand now that what you have is a different system than mine (Radionics D6112), but your info still helps point me in the right direction for further digging and info when I start to do mine.  Thanks again, and stay safe!

Can you clarify on L2 key switch what 9(N/O/entry #2) what that means / does?

Also L2 Trigger F(code) +1)

N/O/entry #2 = normally open, entry timer #2

[CODE] + [1] = installer code, e.g. "1234", then "1"


[CODE] + [1] means press the CODE key, then press the 1 key.

Thanks for the response. One more question on your picture it doesn’t not show a resistor on the common line from the panel to the relay module however in a the diagram from konnected they do show a resistor - do I need one?

I don't know if you need a resistor.

The relay worked ok for a few weeks. Then my keypads started acting up and I had to bypass the relay circuit altogether. My two fire 7 pads are on all the time now.

I believe I am on the right path, before I am getting to L1 I am getting confirmation beeps which make me feel like I am doing it right but after that, I am no longer getting beeps. Not sure what I am doing wrong. 

We had a storm a few weeks ago and the keypads no longer work well (most zone lights are on). I've reset the main board a couple of times but the keypads are cooperating with me any longer. Thus, I ordered a new Konnected 12-zone board and will get rid of the FBII. I would like to figure out how to reuse the keypads for beeping and system control but I suspect the proprietary nature of the signals is a bigger roadblock than I'm prepared to go through.

Good day. 

First off, thanks for the instructions, very nice.

Secondly, there is an error in the "Follow ARM mode" codes.

It is written that F = [CODE] + 1, this is incorrect. 

Correct: F = [CODE] + 6

Please keep this in minde when programming.

Thanks Bryan for the correction.


I realized this is an old topic, but I might have a bit of useful information for Antonio (and others).  I have an FBI XL-2 system and am investigating the Konnected options to use it with Homekit.  I live in the midwest, and we often get thunderstorms, and sometimes they would trigger the system into full alarm.  The keypads would become non-responsive and all the zone lights would be on.  To silence the alarm, I disconnected the power and the battery backup.  I found that leaving it disconnected for several hours would somehow allow the system to reset.   I have done this many times and it has always worked.  I have gone to other homes in our development (builder used the same system in many homes) and help people get their alarms to turn off during thunderstorms when they did not know what to do.  Sometimes the alarm systems had not been used for years but went into full alarm during a storm.  Lightning is freaky.  Found that it can also can disable Genie garage door openers (probably the wire loops for the photo eyes across the door acted as antenna?) and unplugging/turning the breaker off/on would reset them.

Hi -anyone can share some information if the FBII XL-2 board can be programmed to work with the konnected interface system (preferably with HomeKit via homebridge). Thank you for help