False Alarm on Motion Sensor

Hello all!

I’m wondering if anyone had had a similar issue.

I have two Konnected Pro boards wired up via POE to sensors at a remote property, and ran by Home Assistant.

Last night, around midnight, I got a notification that there was motion in the great room. But, upon looking into it, I found that there was only a “motion stopped” event in HA, not a “motion started” event.

Has anyone seen anything like this? It was only this sensor. I’d be less surprised if it was every sensor at once, or something like that.

Much thanks in advance!

I have not seen this happen in my HA environment but I also got rid of all my PIR motion sensors. Not a solution to your question but wanted to share what I do instead of using PIR motion sensors. The motion sensors in my opinion don’t offer enough data for me to feel confident in relying on them so I switch all my motion sensors to just having locally accessible cameras (UniFi Protect) integrated into HA and to my alarm automations. You can choose to trigger the alarm or simply get a notification. Depending on the camera you can also set triggers for people via simply motion and configure the sensitivity. I like this additional control and having three small children it also gives me peace of mind to monitor all my common areas while I’m working in my office hiring the day. This way at night when I get a motion notification I can quickly get the snapshot of the event then dig in and adjust the parameters to fine tune it to prevent false positives. I know install cameras isn’t for everyone and I get that but wanted to share for other users who might find it helpful.

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I actually really appreciate that perspective! I think gradually replacing PIRs with cameras is definitely the right move. After some digging, I determined the machine HA was running on must have had a memory leak and needed a restart. Better than a bad sensor!

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