DSC PC550 4 zone to Konnected 6 zone

I had never used the wired security system in my condo, but I had SmartThings and was sick of replacing batteries.  The YouTube installation videos helped immensely, especially since I didn't even know what my zones were. Split Zone 1, which ended up being Front and Back Doors. Had no clue what Zone 2-4 were, but they ended up being window sensors zoned per room. Also wired up existing siren and added the piezo beep as a zone. Will add battery backup and downstairs piezo over keypad data lines too. The software setup was a little rough, so hoping it gets added to SmartThings (proper), instead of having to do the current github workaround. It did go smoothly enough i'm going to try and replace my keypad with an older ipad. Just need to learn a little more about how to get enough power to it.

Replaced keypad with wall mounted iPad. Tried to run power over the existing keypad line, but turns out there was a break in the wire somewhere. Plan B was to get an electrician to install an outlet+switch.

Ended up writing a basic iPad kiosk app for ActionTiles and DAKboard.