Disable Smoke Alarm via Smartthings

I currently have all my 4-wire system sensors plugged into my konnected. However, when the fire alarms do go off, I have to unplug the konnected to reset them. I must be doing something wrong. Is there a way to deactivate a fire alarm via the smartthings app? 

I'm looking at the same thing - I haven't pulled my original system yet, still in planning, but from documentation it seems to reset these 4 wire devices from sounding you need to cut power for a few seconds. Using Home Assistant + Konnected - so looking for advice to clear the alarm and wire a relay.

Same here. Just connected my 4 wire existing smoke alarm. I have them set to NO. So when I ran a test and tripped them smoke alarm (using my wife’s steamer iron). The alarm does its job and triggers the siren.
When I go to the Smartthings Dashboard, Smart Home Monitor to disable the siren. It doesn’t give us the option to clear the smoke alarm. Any suggestions? I also had to pull the power to reset the Smoke alarm.

Thank you