4-Wire Smoke Detector Reset

Hey all - I've looked through all the pages here and did not see an answer to the question:  Does Konnected reset a 4-wire smoke detector that has been 'tripped'.  With my old DSC panel, once tripped, i pressed *72 to reset the smoke detectors - but I have not seen a similar instruction here.  Help - please.   our should I go to the facebook page (but I couldn't find an existing answer there either when i looked)

I was able to accomplish this by running the power to the smoke detectors through a 5V relay.   Wire Konnected AUX+ to Relay COM.   Then wire Relay NC to smoke detector +.   

Power the relay form Konnected +5V & GND then with Konnected OUT to the Relay IN.    Configure ALARM/OUT in SmartThings as a Momentary Switch.   Activating this switch will momentarily disconnect power the smoke detectors resulting in a reset.

 That worked for me - thanks for your help.