Integrating Kidde Smoke / CO Sensors

Check out what this guy did on his SmartThings integration.

This is a great idea.  Is there any way to eliminate the need to go through the door sensor, and instead use something like the  1 Channel 5V Relay Module with High/Low Level Trigger?  

I have a wired and connected smoke detector system, and would love to integrate it into my Konnected panel.  Any ideas on this, or is the door sensor route the way to go, as in the Smartthings forum link?

BTW, I am using SmartThings and will eventually utilize a third party monitoring service for intrusion or fire, but a totally sold on the Konnected panels.

There is a guide on doing this with the kiddle modules

Waking up an old thread. The solution listed on the Konnected support requires running wiring from the smoke detector circuit to the Konnected panel. In my case, that's a difficult run. The Smartthings door sensor method eliminates that. Is there a downside if paid monitoring goes through Smartthings anyway?