Delay in detecting door opening or motion

I have the original DIY kit. When I originally installed it, SmartThings would show a status change (e.g., door opened/closed or motion detected) almost immediately. About a month ago, there started to be a 10-12 second delay before there would be a status change. This is quite noticeable because I have a garage light (Zigbee switch) set to turn on whenever the door to my garage (Konnected contact sensor) was opened. While troubleshooting, I verified that the delay is with Konnected notifying SmartThings about the door opening and not with the Zigbee light switch. I've also confirmed that the delay is happening with all of my Konnected doors and motion detectors.

I had been using the old Konnected SmartApp, so I switched to the new one hoping that would solve the problem. Unfortunately, the problem still persists. Any idea what could be causing this? I have two DIY panels, both running software v2.1.0 and firmware v2.0.5. The wifi signal is strong (currently at 84% and 94%). One panel has been up for 20 days with 22,784 remaining memory. The other has been up for 16 hours with 25,304 remaining memory. I don't know why it has been up for only 16 hours as I have not rebooted it and they are both connected to a backup battery. Any suggestions?

I wonder if my problem is related. Yesterday I removed my old DIY boards and added the new Konnected kit.

It works, but updates to the SmartThings app are, mostly, very slow.

In the online IDE the door openings and motion detections show up instantly in the logs. Do your logs show status changes immediately?


did you guys ever figure anything out? Because I have a 4 to 6 second delay with my open/close sensors as well? 

I have the same problem was on an older FW/App version for quite a while, door open/close detection was really fast (~1 second or less).  After upgrading yesterday to the latest FW/App, it is noticeably slower (3-4 seconds).

I have all the doors setup to turn on lights at night, so it is noticeable and frustrating.

I ran across this post:

I don't think I want to go down that path.

Anybody else found a good solution?  Is there a way to disable  TLS 1.2 ciphers?

Any other ideas?

  It takes about 2.5 seconds for the buzzer to sound and the status to indicate door open on my S/T .   My wireless shows 80% 50mb down 30mb up.   Is this the expected delay?   Is there any way to speed it up?

I didn't see any solution to the above situations.

Is this delay an issue with a local hub (OpenHAB) type system?

I am just starting my build, but will have to rethink things if that is the case.

I read the other thread, but being a HW not a SW person it is all Greek (or C++) to me.

I am seeing the same issue using home assistant. I am not using TLS at all since everything is in my network. It’s actually really frustrating because it was working great …

Same problem here in SmartThings. My 2 door sensors stopped working about a month back and talking to support, they had me update the Firmware on the board. My sensors work now, but the delay is terrible. 

Did you tell them it was still unacceptably slow ?

Any resolution to fixing the delay? I experience it with my door open motion sensor.

 No resolution and no response from ST except that it must be a problem on MY end.   Like anything but them.