Piezo beep delay

I just got my 2 panel install finished & capped it off with an 8" fire HD tablet running action tiles. I’m loving Konnected so far. One thing I’m trying to do is shorten the delay I’m getting on the Piezo beep. I have customized the beeps via the device handler settings in the ST graph.api area but can’t seem to shorten the time from when a door opens & the Piezo beep. It’s like 2 seconds at times. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

There could be a couple causes. What is your wifi signal strength on your Konnected board? It works best if it is at least 50% if not it could be slow response. Another thing to check is how quickly the open/close is sensed. If it's slow it could be the wifi. But it could be worth checking for resistors on the contact side. 

BTW: you don't have to mess with the DH to change the number and length between beeps. It's in the preferences in the thing. (gear in the upper right).

@Andy Wulff Thanks for the suggestions. Wifi strength is good and I don't see any resistors. How would I check for the open/close sensing? Also, thanks for the tip on the beep prefs. Didn't even realize that!

You could watch in the app to see how quickly it changed. You could also watch the Live Log in the web IDE.

FYI - resistors could be installed behind the sensors. You'd have to take them off to check.

Hey Jason, were you ever able to figure this out? I'm interested because I just set up my system and I'm having the same exact issue. In fact, it seems like every single one of my sensors (contact and motion) seem to have about a 2 second delay before changing it's status on the Smartthings app. 

Once it changes it's status though, the piezo beep, siren, etc will go off immediately.

I didn’t. I think the original installer put the resistors at the contacts, so it’s hard for me to verify. My brother just setup his Connected alarm this past week with the same delay scenario. Not sure if it’s resistors or something else. I will reply back if I figure anything out or get the delay reduced.

 I'm having the same problem. It seems like about 5 seconds. My wireless shows 80% 50mb down and 30mb up. I can't find a place to change the number and lengths between beeps. Could someone tell me how to find that option?