Cooldown on "No Motion"


I recently received my Alarm Conversion Panel, and am having great success triggering SmartThings automations when motion is detected on my wired PIR sensors.

The issue I'm having is when motion is not detected; the Red light on the PIR Sensors themselves turns off when there is no motion, but the status in ST doesn't change for some time (and this time is not always the same); is there some type of "Cooldown" function on when no motion is detected, or any other reason this may be happening?

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Andy Wulff (Konnected Customer Support Specialist) helped me figure this out.
Turns out there was an additional resistor under the cover of the Motion Sensor. I removed this and moved the wire which was jointed to it into the “alarm” contact where the other end of the resistor previously was. This fixed the issue.
Thanks Andy!

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