Connecting keyboards


I have 2 external keyboards connected to my old alarm system panel (on labels COM, DATA and POS).

I have the Alarm V2.2 and interface boards. They actually don't communicate together and on the YouTube installation video, the are talking and program 1 and 2 with codes, and I do not have this.

Can I take wires to those POS/COM/DATA from the Interface Board like if the Konnected would be a 3rd keyboard?


I have the same question; Maybe after some time (2 years) there is an answer for this question.

I have a keyboard connected to my current alarm system, and that is how we activate or deactivate the system. 

If I change my system with a konnected system, will I be able to connect a keyboard? This is so people (workers) enter into my house and can deactivate the system when they do.

Please comment so I can understand how can I substitute/upgrade my system to a konnected system.


My old alarm system panel is connected to two external keyboards (on labels COM, DATA and POS). I have the interface boards and Alarm V2.2. While they appear to be chatting and using codes in the YouTube installation video, they actually don't communicate with one another, and I lack this words from letters

My question is the same as yours; perhaps the answer will be available in two years. My existing alarm system is connected to a keyboard, and we use it to activate or deactivate the system words from letters

Hey did you get any solution yet? I'm also facing this same issues with my velcro patch maker company's keyboards. They are not getting connected altogether and I coincidently found you sharing it here.