Help to connect my old alarm system


I’m new here but I read and watched some discussion and videos.
First, I’m sorry for my english. I speak French and i come from Belgium.

I have actually a alarme system since 3 years. For differents reasons, i’m not satisfied with the smartphone application of the alarm. But I like to use the keyboard.

Being a Home Assistant user, I would like to buy de Konnected Interface Kit and resolve my problem and also keep using keyboard.

But I’m not good in electricy and so alarm system. Would it be possible to benefit from your help? To make sur it will be OK with my alarm system and know where I have to plug the differents cables ?

My system is a Bibus from ANB Rimex (belgian alarm system) but i didn’t find the technical sheet on internet to show it to you. So I made some photos.

Can you help me for the good connections ? I have contactors on 3 doors and 5 windows. I also have 2 IR detectors. So it made 10 zones. It’s difficult to me because I have also 1 indoor siren, 1 outdoor siren, 1 battery and 1 module for the smarphone application (but not good and not fonctionnal). So for me, it’s a lot of cables … But I would like to keep all of theses things

If you can help me, I will be very grateful if I will finally have a good connected alarm system.


Sorry for the differents reply with one photo but I can’t put all in the same topic.

Finally, i found this

this is the connection for 6 zones.
So, in my case, last picture, i have the 6 zones + i suppose 1 extension put on it with 4 supplemntary zones ? and so I have my 10 zones ?

but I don’t know what is connected on 13 and 14.