Can't really get stuck HERE!

Ordered a 12-zone system (2 boards), configured WiFi successfully (on the same SSID as the ST Hub), installed the code from GitHub into Smart Things (Classic), powered up boards, blue LED's blink 2-3 times then go out. All good there, it seems. Asus RT-AC88U Router recognizes Konnected-IO cards and assigns IP's).
Then open SmartThings, go to Automation, select Konnected, select Add a Konnected device, select "Tap here to start discovery" and then I wait, and wait, and wait. 


I might be wrong but don't you need a smarthings  hub? My setup was wired today and I couldn't find my devices. Searched the site and found this..

Your SmartThings hub or Home Assistant box need to be on the same LAN or subnet as your Konnected WiFi devices! Yes, you do need a SmartThings hub or Home Assistant box on your home network.