Can wireless smart sensor trigger wired alarm?

How do I get a wireless window sensor to trigger my wired alarm panel?

Im using Konnected interfaced with my Napco wired panel (and Home Assistant).  I can monitor but cant arm/disarm or trigger it using Konnected (dont think I can) Some of the wiring to window sensors is failing and I'd like to replace them with wireless ones.  

Im confident I can connect a wireless window sensor to Konnected or Home Assistant, but how can I transmit the output to the panel?  Its just a 2 contact open or there some way to do this?

 It's nearly impossible for a wired window sensor to fail. Did you cut the wire. It's must more likely you're not understanding the issues you're encountering.

I suggest identifying the cause of your problem before solutioning.

These definitely can fail, after 20yrs dirt/debris gets in there and the contacts corrode...started getting random triggers for no reason about a year ago.  these are the plunger type, not magnetic.  I've had to replace many of them in my house with magnetic ones.

Some of them dont work even after replacement, leading me to believe there is some issue with the wiring.  These are all bundled together by zone so tracing them is nearly impossible.

I actually found a solution that works.  I purchased some of these and conected them to home assistant.  I then set up an automation to trigger the relay built into the interface kit.  The relay connects to one of the zones on my panel.  This triggers the alarm when the window is open.  I got one of Aqara's motion sensors set up the same way.  So now I can add any kind of sensor I like anytime.

The E15 lug is able to inform HA if the alarm is armed or not.  The automation to trigger the relay is only active when HA senses the alarm is armed.  This prevents the relay from constantly firing uneccessarily.

This is a bit of a kluge but it does work and HA has been pretty reliable.

I dont need the relay built into the interface kit since I CANNOT get the damned keyswitch function to work.  I've been fiddling with this for months with no luck.  I think its related somehow to the zone doubling feature, really stinks...this is critical functionality.

The contacts corrode after being exposed to dirt and debris for 20 years, which is why I began experiencing intermittent false alarms approximately a year ago. The magnetic variety, these are of the plunger variety. For several of these, I've found that magnetic alternatives work far better at home.

I suspect there is a problem with the wiring because some of them still don't work after being replaced. It would be quite difficult to trace these because they are all grouped together by zone.  monkey mart

 Plunger type? I've never even heard of such a thing. Can you share a photo?

What is the keyswitch function?

Keyswitch allows for arming/disarming the alarm system using the relay built into Konnected.  I can use one of the lugs to SEE if its armed or disarmed...but not to actually do it.

My panel has a keyswitch function but I cant get it to work.  I think it has something to do with the zone doubling feature.  When I try it arm it tells me a zone has tripped.   I've tried everything I can think of, (including turning off the other, doubled zone) spent months on it.  I just cant get it to work, so frustrating.

I’d want to replace some of the wired window sensors with wireless ones since the wiring is starting to deteriorate.