blaQ purple button opener & 945CB wall panel issues

Was waiting for the new firmware release to post anything. Still no joy with dev firmware. Wall panel green light flickers and lock and light functions do not work. Things became much crazier with dev firmware. A constant stream of parity errors when set to “Security+1.0 with smart panel”. Setting to just “Security+1.0” on dev firmware results in a flood of obstruction messages.

Reverted to stable firmware and things have calmed down. Again, still the issue of not being able to use the light or lock buttons on the 945CB.

If I can provide any logs or other information to work towards a solution, LMK. Product seems to have potential, but glad I only got 1 for now. Waiting on all the kinks to be worked out before I order more.

The 945CB is not a digital “smart panel”, it’s a dumb analog panel. So in your case with this wall button you should not select the Security+1.0 with smart panel option because then the device won’t be able to know the door status.

It a known incompatibility that a dumb/analog panel cannot be used with a smart/digital panel on the same opener, or the light/lock buttons won’t work on analog panel anymore.

The simplest workaround is to replace your 945CB with the 889LM (or equivalent Chamberlain model) and then enable the Security+1.0 with smart panel mode. Or if you can live without the physical light/lock buttons (open/close should still work), I don’t think there’s any harm in keeping the 945CB and using the Security+1.0 mode.

Hello, I just received my blaq and hooked it up using the keypad passthrough. While the module works great via home assistant, the wall panel (like as described above) does not work with the light button and the illuminated lights by the door button are flickering. The door open button does work, just not the light button. I also have had it once open the door without me issuing a command to the unit. I have a 945CB wall panel, and verified that the web UI on the Blaq shows Security 1.0 (my opener is a 1.0 from 2006 with purple learn button). Web UI shows my version as 2024.5.0b4

What should I do in this situation? Is there a firmware update to solve the issue, or should I replace my wall panel with something more compatible?

You can either accept that the light and lock buttons won’t work anymore or upgrade the wall button to the 889LM. Unfortunately there’s no way for the analog wall button and digital smart panel (emulator… the blaQ) to exist on the same opener without sacrificing the analog light and lock buttons.

Ok, I’ll upgrade to the newer panel, I’m more concerned with the door opening randomly.