Blaq closing issue

I have 2 Blaq’s each hooked up to a Liftmaster 8500W.
One of them works perfectly. The second one opens the door but does not close on the first attempt.
When I hit the close in the web interface the GDO flashes and plays the tune but the door does not close. I have to hit the close a second time. In HA the status gets stuck and only shows the stop button with the up and down greyed out.

If I send a refresh to the GDO and then hit the down button it flashes and plays the tune again and will close the door.

I have factory reset the GDO a couple times.
I have updated both GDO’s to 2024.5.2.
I swapped both of them to the other Liftmaster and the problem follows the GDO.

I am not sure what else to look at.

Hi @Gpf2ez. I’m not sure how I didn’t see this before. Please first update to the latest firmware (v1.2.0) which was released last Friday.

Then, please post some logs when initiating the close action so we can see what’s going on internally. My reply on this thread describes some ways to stream logs from the device wirelessly.

I am testing right from the web interface. I sent an open command and the door opened.
I waited about 12 seconds after getting the IDLE status before pressing the close command. The warning sound played but the door did not close. I attached a screenshot of the log since that is easier to read.

My other GDO is working perfectly fine. Also I have updated both of them to v1.2.0 / ESPhome 2024.5.5

Mine are on:
Firmware: 2024.5.5 (Jun 5 2024, 14:46:57)

Hardware: 1.1.1

I dont see an option to update to 1.2.0 in HA…it says up to date

You would see it in the Konnected app. But if I understand correctly 2024.5.5 is v1.2.0

It should update in HA as well…as I understand 2024.6.0 is v1.2.0

I updated both of mine today and they jumped to 2024.5.5 in HA and up to v1.2.0 in the Konnected app. I also updated my Alarm Panel Pro today and it is showing 2024.5.5 for it’s version in HA.

I just checked HA again and in the ESPHome integration you can look at the device. In there it shows:
Firmware: 2024.5.5 (Jun 17 2024, 16:30:26)

The ESPHome version and Konnected project version are independent. The project version changes when ever we release an update to functionality in the config. The project version for the GDO blaQ is 1.2.0. If you’re building via the Konnected app this project version is appended with the “rev” number of how many times you’ve updated the firmware, i.e.

The ESPHome version is based on the ESPHome release that the firmware is built on. If you’re building it yourself via HA/ESPHome add-on you may have a different firmware version than a build from the app. In general it doesn’t make too much difference.

@Gpf2ez I’m asking our firmware engineer @Ryan_P to look at the log you posted. I haven’t seen this one before. It looks odd.

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