Alarm Panel Pro delays & backorders - Jan 2024

@DaveL what hardware version do you actually have? Version number is printed on the front of the board under the logo.

Are you using Home Assistant as your smart home platform?

ESPHome does not have the ability to configure WiFi as a fallback for Ethernet. You gotta choose one or the other.

Hardware version 1.8. One of the $79 “steals”. Yes using Home Assistant. Ah - thanks for the clarification for ESPHome. I had wifi working fine previously, but am now trying to move to ethernet, with the updated firmware.

If the firmware has updated successfully it should just connect automatically when Ethernet is plugged in. Contact us at if you still need help. Providing logs via the USB cable is always helpful to debug (but not for this long thread).

:sparkles: Firmware update with Ethernet is now available for our original Konnected firmware!

Two ways to update:

  1. Physically flash (with USB cable) the Konnected build from
  2. Over-the-Air update via the Konnected app.

The update includes two parts, firmware version 1.1.0 and app project version 1.3.5.

Please update your device and Ethernet should work perfectly again! Let us know how it works out.

Does the made for ESPHome build from include the new firmware to fix the same ethernet problem on the 1.7 hardware revision pro boards? I re-flashed the 1.7 version from the installer and it doesn’t fix the issue. I installed the updated original Konnected firmware as well and the logs show it detecting Ethernet and disabling Wi-Fi, but then cycling in a loop turning Wi-Fi back on and off again.

My Ethernet worked perfectly for 6 months and then died. POE still works and I had to flash it as a Wi-Fi ESPHome version to make it work again.

The Pro v1.7 is not affected by the issue discussed in this thread. The root cause of the issue is related to the RTL8201 chip which is only present in v1.8 (and the upcoming v1.9).

Whatever issue you are having with the v1.7 must be different and unrelated.

For those of us who have avoided placing new orders to give you a bit of breathing space while you sort this out, is now a good time to place the order or should we hold off for another few weeks while you clear the backlog?

The sooner you put your order in, the sooner it will ship. We process orders in the order received. I’m expecting that by the end of this weekend we will have all back-orders processed and shipped.

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I just want to say Thank You - for getting a firmware update out that gives us “liquidation” buyers the full functionality and being so transparent. This is my 2nd pro - I paid full for the first one but just needed a couple more zones, so I took a chance and it worked out perfectly!

I will say, at first it seemed like it didn’t work - it was still powering up via POE but never turning on the Ethernet - even after firmware updates - and I was half way through emailing support when I swapped the cable just for good measure, and voila - fired right up… so for others, don’t skip troubleshooting the basics if it doesn’t work the first time!