6-Zone Interface Kit For Sale

Reply if interested in buying Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE 6-zone kit (KIT-ALARM-INF-1X) for wired security systems. DC Power pigtail and magnetic standoffs are included. I worked with Konnected technical support for months to get working with my legacy ADC Alarm System with no success. They will not refund my order. I will accept a reasonable offer. We'll work out contact info if you reply.

Minor correction, it's a DSC Alarm System that they could not get to work with board.

Here's the eBay listing.

Alan, do you mind telling me about your issue? I was looking to buy this but your post concerned me as I’ve got a DSC alarm panel as well (model 18000031 R3 I think)

Tod, the card would continually reboot, especially when motion was detected.

Alan, that’s annoying. My wife bought the Konnected which replaces alarm panel and I talked her out of installing. Not trusting my entire security system to Spectrum WiFi being up. Brought up all kinds of scenarios where that could go terribly wrong. She was looking at the one you bought next but I’m going to nix that as well now so thanks for saving me another $100. Sorry they wouldn’t take it back that sucks. Guess I’ll list the one she bought on eBay as well.

 Why wouldn't they simply send you a replacement unit?

They sent a replacement WiFi card but that did not resolve the problem. They did not extend the return period though, so I was stuck with equipment that would not work for me and they could not figure out why. And I was pulling for this start up....