Cheaper options, or circuit schematics

Good day,

I am a person who is very very interested in using the new Konnected Interface kit to turn my dumb/old alarm into something a bit more modern and smart (Unfortunately cannot just replace the old alarm with a full Konnected kit because insurance companies here are strict about which alarm panels you can use).

The problem is that I live in South Africa, and excluding shipping costs, $239 for the 18 zone kit (Which is what I need) is a crazy amount of money in local terms. Using the current exchange rate and purchasing power parity data (, $239 locally is about the same as $565 in the US. For that amount I could buy the best "big-brand" alarm system, and have it professionally installed and have money left over!

I can pick-up a NodeMCU board for around $7 locally, and other components are generally dirt cheap from local electronic suppliers. The two major ICs I can see on the product image is a *339 comparator, and a 117-5G LDO regulator - a pack of 50 LM339's is around $5 ($11 using PPP), and a pack of 5 117-5G's are around $2.5($5.80 using PPP).

So, my question. Is there somewhere that I get a circuit diagram/schematic for the Konnected Interface so that I can build my own?

I don't think you are going to get your schematic.  I too am interested in building an interface as I'm in urgent need.  My old NetworX (DAS) NX-12 has just died on me and I have no system at all.  There is more than a month to get a unit from Konnected and installed.  I need something right now.  Thanks for the component tips though I'm probably not going to be able to figure that schematic out.