4-wire smoke detectors LED and testing not working

I wired two 4-wire smoke alarms (System Sensor 4WTA-B) using the recommended System Sensor COSMOD4W interface module to my Konnected Alarm Panel Conversion Kit. The interface module indicates that everything is “Normal”, that the smoke alarm is on, and that there are no wiring faults. Smartthings indicates the Smoke Detectors are “Clear”, but when I set up the zone as inverted in Konnected, the detectors are “Offline.”

The problem is that neither of the 2 smoke alarms’ green LEDs are lit up and nothing happens when I attempt to test them. This includes no audible alarm from the interface module and there is no change in the zone’s status in Smarthings. I followed set up directions from Connecting Low-Voltage Smoke Detectors. I confirmed the wiring is configured as attached. Where am I going wrong and how can I fix this? Thank you.