GE Interlogix SafeAir 260-CO Carbon Monoxide CO Detector connection problem

Completed a 24 zone Konnected conversion from an 8 zone GE interlogic system.  Replaced the two wired smoke detectors with the 4 wired recommended in the install/getting started pages of the site and they work 4.0.  Have a GE Interlogix CO detector that should have another 6 years of service life that I wired similar to the 4 wire smoke detectors but cannot seem to get it powered (no LED green light).  I checked the black and red wires for 12v at the detector with the multi-meter and is showed good.  The other two wires are to the NC terminals so it looks OK to me.  The installation manual

shows some "End-of-line device (provided by the life safety system)" stuff that I am not sure about - so querying for technical assistance.