Zone 1 with a Vista 15 panel

I have read mentions on this forum and others that there is a problem with Zone 1 on a Vista 15/20 panel but I have never read a solution.  My Zone 1 isn't working.   The orange light will come on but never goes out if I open the door.   My front and garage doors are on Zone 1 so I moved them to Zone 2 which was Glass Break sensors.  I have smoke detectors that I assume are on Zone 6 which was labeled "All Others" by installer.  Unfortunately, my Vista 15 only has 6 Zones so I can't use Zones 2-7 like if I had a Vista 20p.  A sub-question for this is if I am able to get Zone 1 working either with doors or glass breaking, what type of device do you suggest for the glass breaking?  Motion???

After further research, the only thing I discovered is that I can't just move glass breaking onto Zone 1 because it is a 4-wire system and the Vista panel only allows for 4-wires on Zones 2 & above.  So, I have now switched the Front and Garage Doors back to Zone 1 and the Glass Breaking back to Zone 2 .  That means I have no access to those 2 doors thru Konnected.  I could probably move the Front & Garage Doors onto the zone with Patio Door until I get a solution on the Zone 1.  This is obviously when I have a 6 zone system and Konnected can only connect to 5 of them. Any advice anyone can offer would be appreciated.  Thank you.  

It’s totally unacceptable that not only has this software glitch never been addressed but they won’t even talk about it. Rather than trying to sell more product why don’t you get off your ass and support your product NATE!!