Voice enunciate open / close for doors & windows using webCoRe

See the attached picture / code example you can import into your webCore instance.

This Piston creates a variable with the device name of any door or window that opens or closes (or any contact) and then speaks it. So in my house now anytime someone opens a door or window my Fabriq speakers say something like "Front door opened" and then "Front door closed". Could also be modified to monitor glass break sensors to do the same thing but add firing of a siren for good measure.

I am thinking webCore is going to be my primary platform for automating all of these contacts due to its power to leverage limitless numbers of variables and conditions...


Quick question on this...  Is there a reason or advantage to the initial define statement?  I've seen similar code that omits that part.  Not sure if doing the screenshot export changed the format of the code when it made everything generic.

I'd only bother with the initial define statement if it allowed the subsequent code to simply read:

If any of {DoorWindows} contact changes to open ...

I was just curious if the export caused that line to expand to repeat all the sensors that were defined above.

Not exactly sure if the define is required, was reading a tutorial that suggested it. Haven’t tried without.

I now have three of those FABRIQ speakers around the house and love them. You can also place them in group mode. Think cheap Sonos…

Did some testing and defining the variable is necessary to use it later to save the list of matching devices, though you can define it as a device and leave it empty since it gets overridden later with the devices that match the condition.

I had something similar created to toggle a virtual lock so that an icon on my main ActionTiles screen will change accordingly and alert me that a zone is open.  I can then click on a link next to it to pull up the AT screen that displays every sensor status.

Old post, sorry, but I have a question about the performance you are getting with the FABRIQ speaker.  I purchased one for notifications.  I've tried using both BigTalker 2 and WebCoRE but with both I get quite a bit of delay.  At least 4 seconds and sometimes up to 7 or 8 seconds.

With that said, are you seeing the same?  Have you done anything to over come this?  Any advice?  Thanks.

A few months ago the ~3 seconds of delay I noticed was introduced. Not sure if it was webcore or something up or downstream. In my case I think it improved things slightly because if someone quickly opened a door and then closed it the response was too fast and cut each other off (open then rapid close). Now the pause actually helps in my particular case.

Thanks for getting back to me.  I'm getting average 4-5 second delay and often up to 8 seconds, which seems silly.

I've moved to putting VLC on my old Linux box and using VLC thing and bluetooth to a speaker and response is much faster.  ~2-3 seconds.