VISTA 20 Setup with SmartThings (NEW) - January 2023

Thought I'd share a current diagram as some of the stuff posted here is using old boards and the old SmarThings app.

OK - so I have spent many hours finally getting everything where I'd like it to be. I thought I'd share a wiring diagram of my system along with some screenshots of setting up SmartThings.  Overall it works fine. 

Shortcomings of Home Monitor in SmartThings I am still trying to find a solution for:
If Alarm Trips Example: Click Armed Stay, trip alarm, and click disarm to silence the alarm. If you click Armed Stay in Home Monitor, the action clears the fault and the Armed Stay button goes blue. But the alarm does not arm. So if you click Disarm, that activates the Armed Stay because it uses the same button to Arm the alarm. The only way to get the button back in sync is to go to devices and Click the Armed Stay device. The Automation in Smart Things can’t do any nested IF/THEN conditions to test out. Does anybody have a solution? Looking to clear fault codes maybe through a programmed relay??

Updated File.