V1 boards and HA 2011.9.3

Hello, i've got some original boards with the nodemcu and in my fresh install of full HA, all of my boards are found. But all the binary sensor states are 'unknown' and in some cases 'unavailable'.

I went looking through the core logs and found some exceptions (See attachment screenshot), additionally, i included the raw config i got off the HA container..

Note: I didn't complete setting up each panel... i stopped once i saw some of these issue start to arise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

FWIW - i tried reloading also... no dice.

Nevermind, i used the python nodemcu writer  (On a mac M2) and the .bin file from here to get the boards up to v3.0.3 and things started to work as normal. Disregard, this can be closed.