Kickstarter boards can't be found in Home Assistant

Good Day,
I flashed my 3 origininal Kickstarter version boards to the HA firmware - flashed fine with no issues. Was able to connect to each board and set up wifi, and I can see them each assigned an IP on my router. they are flashing blue lights once every 3 seconds.

They aren’t being discovered in HA, nor can then be added by IP address.

Any ideas?


How are you running HA?
If it’s inside a Docker container, sometimes that leads to issues because the Docker network is isolated from your home network.

It should just work. Can you reach the devices in the browser to view the logs? You should be able to just go to http://DEVICE_IP and see the ESPHome internal web page, real-time states, and real-time logs.

Post the logs if anything looks odd there.

I’m running HA in a virtualbox over win11 - adapter is bridged and is Ethernet From either a browser on the host machine or within the VM I cannot access the Konnected board.

I can see the Konnected boards from a browser on a different machine, connected to the 2.4g wifi network. On that same machine, if I change to 5g network connection to my home network - I can’t access the konnected board.

I suspect it is something simple - but I’m not hitting on it!.. alas, I’m a novice when it comes to networking !

Some progress… Can now access the Konnected boards from any connected browser. I had the 2.4g boards connecting to a 2.4g guest network - that wasn’t sharing them with the home network. Fixed that and can see them from each computer, regardless of connection type.

but still not seen in the Virtualbox… thus must be something with that integration.