Troubleshooting PIR sensors

 Hi everyone, I am trying to troubleshoot a motion sensor installation and I am losing my mind.

Just for context, we just finished renovating the house and I had pre-wired our home for motion sensors, so wires are hidden in the walls and ceiling. To be certain of compatibility, I ordered the motion sensors from the store (Honeywell Wired Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor, IS335). I am using Home Assistant.

I have two motion sensors. The motion sensor in the entrance doesn't work as expected.  More precisely, the red light goes on when it detects movement but it never sends the information to HA.  The motion sensor in the office works, detects movement and sends updates to HA.

I thought maybe the motion sensor was defective. So I swapped the two of them. Same behavior occurred after I swapped the motion sensors.  The entrance sensor still doesn't send anything even though the red led turns on with movement, and the office does.  Motion sensor units both appear to be functional.

Then I thought perhaps it is the wiring?  Using a 9V battery and a speaker, I could test all 4-wires and confirm that at least the wires are not cut somewhere in the walls or ceiling. 

I also tried to completely use only one PIR at a time, reconnecting the wires to from the entrance to the zone the office was using on the board, in case it was something on the board. But the same thing continues to happen.

I then flashed the nodemcu with ESPHome to try to get logs, and literally nothing seems to happen when the motion is detected in the entrance, besides the red led turning on. The office works flawlessly, regardless of the PIR sensor used.

The only difference I can think of at this point is that the wiring length to the entrance is about 25m, while the wire to the office is perhaps 5m long.  Is there a maximum wire length for the PIR sensor and I am over the line? Another option is that the battery test doesn't really confirm the integrity of the wiring and that it is somewhat damaged and unusable, even if current can flow through it.

Would you have any other ideas I could try? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!