Support for Web Interface to Konnected?

One thing I would LOVE to see (especially as a Windows-based user) is support for a local IP web portal to interact with the Konnected units and to help us troubleshoot issues. I just had a strange false alarm issue where my siren went off and SHM claimed a Guest Room window was open, but it wasn't and ST history for that devices showed it never opened. I'd like to see what Konnected thought and if it is the one that sent the false positive. It seems like the only option, but I'd like to be sure. 

What I envision is something like the printer interfaces we see where you can easily see the consumables levels and much more. 

Is this at all possible moving forward?

Is there anything different in the Samsung SmartThings dev portal/Groovy for it? I'm wondering if the app may differ (it shouldn't, but just curious) between the ST phone app vs. the Goovy IDE. If I go to to My Devices --> Sensor name --> current states (and click on the blue linked current state), I can get the history on a particular zone/sensor/device.

I agree a web interface would be helpful. The urls per panel board is really limited and you can only reboot and change wifi. On that note, it's also frustrating that a static IP can't be set. I ran into a problem with that this week (I think I'll make a post on it).

As noted, NOTHING appeared triggered in SmartThings. Something certainly turned on the siren and the only things left is Konnected.

I do get full history for all devices in SmartThings, this one just wasn't in there.