Entirely local execution. Is it possible?

I'm reasonably happy with my 2-board 16-zone install with even extra bells and whistles (sirens, buzzers, thermometers...) all configured in SmartThings.

The thing I'm not super happy about is the fact that SmartThings Home Monitor rules seem to be entirely executed in the cloud.

Even when the setup is all hardwired, a smart burglar could just cut my internet cable, and enter the front door. 

Even if the sensor triggers, the siren wouldn't go off, because that decision is taken by the Samsung and Konnected clouds cooperating. Am I correct?

I'd like rules, at least the simplest ones, to run entirely locally, short-circuiting the clouds.

According to the Samsung website, if you own a SmartThings hub, you can push certain simple rules to local execution on the hub.

Would that be sufficient to execute the Home Monitor entirely locally? Or is connectivity with the Konnected cloud still needed?

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Now that the Smarthings hub supports local execution on automations with local devices it would be great if Konnected could become a local device.
Right now some of my automations using alarm sensors have too much of a delay to be useful. Executing them locally could solve this.

Same issue. Quite slow to execute.

Update: I have since moved to Home Assistant and discontinued my SmartThings installation.

You'll find my tutorial on HA here: https://github.com/scarpazza/home-assistant-konnected-tutorial

I would love to know if Konnected plans to support local executtion on SmartThings as well. 

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