SmartThings Edge

Will your system be supporting the new SmartThings Edge local drivers system?

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Interested too!  Any security system should be based on local automation and not the Internet/cloud.

Ditto, just ordered my first konnected conversion panel and also feel local drivers for my smartthings hub should be used so as not to be reliant on the internet. Is that possible yet or planned?


Any news on this yet? :)


 I would like to know the same?  Does anyone read this forum?


apperently no from konnected ever reads this forum. that said there is no reason konnected devices would not work once an ST edge driver is created.

If Konnected aren't going to support local connectivity with an Edge driver it's time to look for another option. Tasmota could be an option.

At least he tried.

At least he tried.

We are working on Edge drivers as well as Matter which may ultimately replace Edge. 

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That's good to hear Andy, is there a timeline for release of Edge drivers or nothing you are willing to commit to at the moment?

I saw the message that seemed to indicate the option for smartthings is to use the cloud service now?
just checking edge driver in previous response above is still happening.
prefer not to rely on internet being available for my security system

@Brian Barnett  It was easy to install Tasmota firmware from their site and configuration is straightforward, the Edge driver works perfectly too.  All local and extremely fast as you would expect. It also supports MQTT which I prefer, there's Edge drivers for this method also.

@Anthony. Can you say more? This sounds great

@Kevin Ball. The Tasmota site has a simple web based installer to flash firmware, then you connect to the board from a browser to assign the GPIO pins and for ST integration just install the Edge driver as you would any other.

@Anthony Cheeks - thank you for the info.  I'll look into this.

 Can we get an update on this.  I am doing konnected installs to other people, but i am hestitant if these new drivers are not released.  Can we expect this for Q2 or Q3?

Is there any new information on this? I am now providing konnected installations to others, however I am hesitant to continue doing so until these updated drivers are made available. When, specifically, in Q2 or Q3 can we anticipate this happening?