Matter support for Konnected

Interested if there’s any announced roadmap to support Matter in the next 12 months. Unfortunately even HomeKit is still not supported natively.

Ideally, we should be able to arm/disarm the alarm system through Apple Home and would be great not to need any complex mediation platforms like HA/HE/HB for that.

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We’ve joined the CSA (Matter’s regulating body) and have firmware in development, and we are preparing for the certification process.

Thanks for asking. Here’s a more complete answer:

Konnected joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) as an Adopter member earlier this year. This pay-to-play membership gives us access to the Matter standards and technical documentation so that we can build toward the standard.

We currently have a firmware under development for the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro that’s starting to take shape, and works with all the big Matter hubs (HomeKit, Alexa, Google, Home Assistant), so we’re getting closer. In order for us to get this to the market, there’s a mandatory CSA certification process which takes some time (and money) so I can’t give you a timeline just yet.

BUT, here’s the rub: We can only support Matter integrations that the CSA has published specifications for. The current version of the Matter spec is version 1.1 and they’re working on a twice-yearly release schedule (presumably 1.2 will be released in the fall). I can’t tell you what device types are supported in the 1.1 or 1.2 spec (because we’re bound to confidentiality). But, I suppose I can tell you what’s NOT currently in the spec:

There’s no Matter specification for an Alarm System. :roll_eyes:

So what does that mean? That means that the initial version of Konnected’s Matter support (still under development) won’t be a complete alarm system. It’ll be able to bridge door/window contact sensors, motion sensors, switches, etc to any Matter-compatible hub/platform; but won’t show up as an alarm system in those platforms.

For HomeKit, that means it won’t work natively as an alarm system accessory, as I’m sure you were hoping. AFAIK, HomeKit does not have the ability (like SmartThings and Home Assistant) to build-your-own alarm system in the platform with individual sensors. You’d be able to use those sensors in HomeKit individually.

At the present time, I think the best way to get a Konnected alarm system accessory in HomeKit is by using Home Assistant as the intermediary, with the HomeKit integration installed.

I think Matter will be great eventually. The first release might be a bit underwhelming. Nevertheless, we’re committed to open standards and interoperability, and I think Matter is solidly on Konnected’s roadmap.

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Just to second this question and see if there’s any update?

I wouldn’t mind if there was a firmware update down the road that enabled Matter support – it’s the risk of buying now, only to find there’s a hardware-only change to enable it.

The Alarm Panel Pro hardware will support Matter via a firmware update! I was actually just testing it yesterday and we’re getting very close!

We plant to have a Matter early-access program (EAP) launched by the end of this year.


Awesomesauce. Now just need to figure out what kit I need…

This is truly wonderful news. I’ve tried multiple home systems, and HomeKit is the easiest for me and also the most seamless. I’d be thrilled to use Konnected natively in the HomeKit app. That’s a game-changer.

Matter. At present Konnected has integrations with Smartthings and hubitat. In the future will these integrations be superseded by Matter integration.
Assuming the above, does this mean that a Homey pro integration will come about organically by the implementation of Matter in Konnected?

Matter support (for Homey) would be a great thing. Keep us posted.

Sorry, there was a typo in my message and I dont think i expressed it properly.

When Konnected goes live with Matter, will this mean that the “Konnected Cloud” method of integration with Smartthings will become obsolete?
Will this also mean that Konnected will be able to be used with Homey Pro -without a custom Homey Pro App?

Also can you clarify. The Matter setup of Konnected would be described as Matter over Wifi - for those who use Wifi to connect between Alarm panel Pro and their Smart Hub?
And for users who connect to the Alarm Panel Pro via Ethernet cable- would this be called “Matter over LAN”?
Also, I know Matter has not gone smooth for many manufacturers, but are you in a position to estimate a live date?

@geometry dash lite Amazingly amazing. Currently, all I need to do is determine the kit I require.