Static IPs for Konnected boards

I just made a long post in the Q&A board for excessive usage. One thing I ran into while needing to swap a router so I could investigate that with NETFLOW, was that my boards grabbed new IPs on the new temporary router and they couldn't be seen from the smartapp device status and seemingly what broke was being able to activate the audio zones or use smartlighting (so things that would PUSH things back to Konnected for actions).  The monitor stuff like doors/zones showing their status, was fine. Anway, I was able to get the boards back to their original IPs, but what I think is a better solution is to have static IPs.  I realize on most routers DHCP reservations are an option, but they're not always an option and they certainly are far from my preference.  I think for dedicated/important devices, that static IPs are a much better option... and certainly if the change of IP breaks things with certain features, etc. then it seems like a big oversight to me, for something that critical.

Ugh... just realized that even though I was in feature requests, it defaults to tips & tricks. I wanted this to post to the feature requests board. If a mod has the ability to move it, I'd appreciate that.  I had already hit submit when I noticed the drop down box and it was too late.