Anyone have excessive bandwidth usage after installing Konnected/SmartThings/Action Tiles?

I can't prove that it's any of these (yet) but it's the most major thing that changed (my streaming of video and audio stuff hasn't significantly increased in the last 2 months).  The other thing that changed was my ISP (so in theory the previous one could've been under-reporting bandwidth and the new one could be over-reporting it, but I don't have detail from either to determine that).  I actually got a "nearing limit" push notice from the new ISP while I was on vacation and so just devices were plugged in at home (1 pet camera, the tv streaming devices, thermostat, alexa devices, konnected, and a couple of tablets and keypad for konnected).  No one was there while I was gone other than the occasional check in on cats every other day by a neighbor, so she'd just disarm the system and check on them for 15-30 mins, arm, and leave.  Despite not being there, I think I went from 90% usage (921.6gb) to hitting my limit of 1024gb... so I used 102.6gb in 4 days when I wasn't home.

At this point, I've brought home from work a Cisco router and AP so that I can capture NETFLOW data and figure out what is using bandwidth. The bulk of what traffic I've seen so far has been HTTPS which would make sense with streaming stuff I'm doing.  Worth noting was that 10/1 I didn't have it set up yet, bu I do have data from 10/2 forward. According to PRTG, I've used about 25.5gb between 10/2 and today (average of roughtly 10.2gb/day). According to the ISP, I've used 43gb month to date, so in theory that means on my old router/wifi system (Luma mesh wireless) I used approximately 17.5gb on 10/1 and after switching then I'd have the additional 25.5gb total.  So in theory the range of total usage I might be able to estimate it would be between 316.2-542.5gb for 31 days at the 10.2/17.5 rates.  That seems more about right. 

I've been streaming about my normal amount the last few weekdays (I definitely stream more on weekends, but weekdays it's a few hours every night between Periscope & TV/movie streaming).  One thing I did adjust was I had ActionTiles auto reloading every so often on its own. I changed that to be a pull to refresh.  What I have in the tiles is animated GIFs of some weather stuff along with the normal SHM (PIN protected) and status for the various zones like doors, glass break, smokes, etc.  I really don't think that page should be that much data, since once it reloads, theGIFs for weather should just loop from cache until it's refreshed again.

Additionally, by switching routers, my boards changed IPs, which was sort of interesting... things showed for doors open etc, but all the audio stuff like piezo & sirens didn't work via konnected/ST/smart lighting.  That said, the IRIS keypad chimes and beeps when an alarm was triggered did work.  Anyway, I got the 2 boards to flush from DHCP and blocked other addresses so that they'd grab the ones I needed and once they were situated again, the piezo and alarm work. The alarm technically *did* work without the sirens in that yesterday my cats knocked down a popcorn tin and that set off the glass break sensor and I got the push notification on my phone.

I should put this separately on feature request forum, but I'll mention that having STATIC address assignment on the boards themselves would be FAR better than doing DHCP reservations. It's actually a pain in the *** to get that done via Cisco IOS, so I had to go about things in a round about way. I don't like dedicated/important devices (be it servers/computers you need to access remotely, security system, printers, or anything of the like) to have DHCP. If it's important, I want to know what it is and that it will stay that way. If I had to switch subnets with a new router or something, then it would break everything and I'd need to reprogram my entire system with basically a factory reset of it all.  That's crazy.

Anyway, just hoping others can maybe look at their ISP reports of total usage between before/after they installed Konnected and if they have ActionTiles with tablets, to note that.  One concern I have (beyond the obvious of overage charges on my regular ISP), is that if I set up a multi-wan solution so that I can utilize a cell LTE failover.. would be that I get crazy usage charges because of too much data being used if it fails over.  I'm also considering just separately putting Konnected on LTE full time (so the house data doesn't fail over to cell).  If I do that, then I want to know before going through all of it, that I am not going to run into a problem of data overages using it full time.  On the upside, the tablets and keypad could still live on the house network in theory, so it would only be the konnected boards talking to the wifi of the LTE connection.

I have konnected and 3 tablets running action tiles. No noticable increase in bandwidth from the addition of Konnected. Do you happen to have a weather map? Or traffic camera added to AT? If so check the refresh timer on it. I have seen people set a weather map to refresh every 60 seconds and it jam through gigs of data. 

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