SmartThings notification to "Migrate this location" - Old app vs New App

 I set up my location Konnected system a couple of years ago, using the old app, because the support wasn't there for the new app.  I have left it alone and it has worked great!

Today I got a notification in my old app, suggesting that "The new SmartThings app is ready for you.  Migrate this location now. >"   Should I click it? or will this break my Konnected system - especially since I don't have physical access to it right now....

I didn't see any recent articles about this migration suggestion, so I thought it would be good to start a thread on it.


 Update - spoke with Matt in customer support and he indicated that SmartThings is sunsetting the old app, and if your firmware is recent enough (mine is not) the transition should be smooth.  The below link contains the walk-through: