Missing Features from Classic Smartthings?

 I recently upgraded my system to the Konnected Cloud and have migrated to the new smartthings app. So far, it seems to have a slightly faster response time but it seems to be lacking some essential features? If anyone could let me know if I'm overlooking an option somewhere or a workaround that would be great, thanks.

  • No push notifications for open doors/contacts after putting the system into stay or away (i.e. Home is Armed but Kitchen Window is open) only for when an intrusion is actually detected
  • Notify Me When Smartapp is no longer in found in the "Add Smartapps" section

  • No ability to individually see presence sensors under "Devices" (often use this when troubleshooting automations, see when the last time a device was "present" or "away" as some of mine seem to stop working randomly after a few months or a year)

Sidenote: If anyone could point me to where we can submit app recommendations that would be great as I would like to vote/recommend for changing the interface of "View sensors" in SHM to the classics version where everything could be seen at a glance.

 Forgot to add triggers such as "No activity detected by X sensors ... then put system in Armed (stay/away)"

 Actually ignore the second comment, it's there if you combine multiple IF conditions.