SmartThings does not save crash when adding Siren/switch

Installation went fine with the door and motion sensors but it crashed ( error out ) if I try to add any of the following ( siren / switch / momentary switch ) anyone came across this problem and how to solve it. Everything connected according to the video setup except for these three issues. SmartThings error out regardless on which konnected board I set up ( have tried all 3 of them that I have ) so I know it’s not a konnected board problem.

Any insight will be appreciated.

I'm experiencing the same problem. Any ideas?

I changed one of my open/close sensors to a Buzzer. I was unable to save my changes. Konnected said the other device was in use.  Then none of my things were working. Finally I changed it back to an open/close sensor. Deleted Konnected and reconfigured. My things still weren’t working. Powered Hub off and back on. Things are working now.