Siren Stopped working

I installed everything a few months ago and all worked perfectly. Recently the siren stopped working. I can tell it is still getting power but somehow when I trigger through SmartThings directly nothing happens. The alarm is new from when I installed the system so wouldn’t think it would go bad that quickly. Any ideas??

Same thing happened to me, any updates?

Same thing here.  My alarm which has been working for a year or more suddenly no longer works.  I actually have 2 alarms both purchased from the Konnected site and neither will sound even when i try to trigger it directly from the Smartthings app.  I deleted the Siren from Smartthing and readded it and now in Smartthing the Siren devices tile just says "Checking".  I logged into my Samsung IDE account and the device looks to be setup correctly.

Any thoughts?

Hi. I am seeing the same problem. Not sure when it started but it doesn’t work. Tested with a new siren and still no luck. When I turn on siren in new smartthings app, I get a network error after a few seconds. Would appreciate a response. FYI, I was one of the early adopters of Konnected and still using esp8266 with v2.2.3.

This siren stopped working problem just happened to me, been working fine for years. Any fix for this?

Both my ST and Konnected accounts are set to the same region.

This problem just happened out of nowhere. :tired_face: