Short lifespan of 2-Channel 5V Relay Module (low-level trigger only)?

Hi group,

 In March 2019 I retrofit my older garage doors into Konnected by following the FAQ post. I purchased the DIY kit and all of the required parts and set everything up as instructed. I used magnetic reed switches to detect whether the door is open/closed rather than rely on tilt sensors, which are wired into the DIY kit and typical open/close sensors. I use Smartthings. Up until recently, everything has been working great, exactly as expected from the FAQ.

About two weeks ago one of my #1 garage door would continually open and close. I also noticed that the light on my wall-mounted garage door button was always off and the button did nothing. Looking at my garage door Konnected DIY kit I see that the red LED on the 2-channel Relay Module is always red (triggering) when this is happening. Door #2 is not affected and works correctly at all times.

After some quick troubleshooting, unplugging the power lead from the DIY kit to +V pin for Door #1 on the 2-Channel Relay module would cause the relay module's red LED trigger indicator to turn off and restore functionality to the wall-mounted controls, indicating an issue with the relay for Door #1.

I also checked if I had a short in the line connecting the relay module to the back-panel of the garage door opener by disconnecting the lead wire from the module, but this was not the case and the red LED remained lit (problem with the relay module not the garage door itself).

So it seems to me that the #1 relay on the 2-Channel 5V Relay Module has gone bad. Curious if this has happened to other people and what the expected lifespan of these modules are? March - July is not a very significant lifespan, so hoping I just got a bum unit.