How to wire Garage Door opener with DIY board

I had to dig quite a bit to figure out how to correctly wire a relay to the DIY board. The instructions in the "install guide" are very out of date, and apparently refer to older relays, and referred to pins that did not exist on the relay that was sent to me.

Oops, just noticed a typo on the diagram... DC- terminal can be DC- or can be GND or COM


I am just getting starting and I apologize if I am wrong or reading the diagram wrong, but on my DIY board that pin that your diagram says is 5V is 3V.  Do we have difference boards?

There are both 3V pins and 5V pins on the DIY board. the 5V pins are on the opposite edge of the board from the 3V pins.

 Hi all, I'm sorry to be so dense with this question, but can someone tell me what the DIY board is or refers to ?  I don't see any such board listed on the site ?


I don't see the item in the store any more. He must have run out of them, maybe.

 Oh, well that settles it.  Thank you for the reply!

 @Chip - thank you for the link.

Oh,  either it's back, or I was just blind... Thanks Chip!

With SmartThings killing the smart apps, is there a new driver to get my garage door app working again?