Garage opener with Hubitat

Wondering if anyone could shed light on setting up a garage opener. I’m using hubitat. I have a 5v relay connected to an add on board with the pig tails from the 5v pin. On the outside of the relay I have connected to the com and no post connected to the garage door. If I short those wires the door operates.

My question is what tells the relay to fire? I don’t see any devices in the list even tho I set up momentary switches when I set it up. Not sure what to set up on hubitat.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Me too!  I am having a hard time figuring out how to add the relay into Hubitat.  all of my other devices loaded no problem.  I feel like I am missing something to get the relay to show up.  I'm running off an add on board.

Closing off this old thread with a link to our new Garage Door Opener product that now works with Hubitat!