Garage Door Issues

I hooked up an add-on board to my garage door switches to control my garage doors, but ever since doing so the lights on my garage opener are going off constantly.  I have a Marantec Opener and the switch is a board that has three buttons, one to lock the door, one to turn on the lights, and on to open/close.  Behind the switch is two terminals connected to the two wires that go straight to the opener.  I connected the wires from konnected to these same terminals.  

I have a feelings its  voltage issue or something. I am running konnected through home assistant, and have the opener zones configured as momentary switches with a low activation.  The garage switch terminals are pushing 12V dc from the opener, but I have diodes to block it from going to back to the add on board. Just not sure what is causing the switch to trigger the lights.  Do I need to use a relay?

 Were you able to resolve this? If so im curious how.

I also have a Marantec garage door opener with the same wall switch. I used a relay from the konnected board to trip the door opener and noticed similar weirdness. The lights on the wall switch would go and it would go unresponsive until I triggered the relay twice. I think I resolved that issue by placing diodes on the two conductors that trip the door opener but am still testing.

A new issue has cropped up for me and that is my garage door randomly opening in the middle of the night. I am also using HomeAssistant and from why I can tell from the HA logging, its probably not doing it. My best guess is the relay weirdness. Trying to figure out if any of the relay settings will help.