Share your GDO setup for a chance to receive a $100 gift card!

Hey Konnected Fam!

We’ve been so excited to fulfill every GDO blaQ and GDO White order and listening to your feedback is very important… Therefore, we would love to see your installation photos, videos, and/or smart home integration setups!

Drop your GDO blaQ or GDO White content in the comments and if we use it anywhere (our website, social media, etc.) we will reach out to you and present you with a $100 Konnected Gift Card!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

phone pic but i could do like high res slr pics, my 1983 build isnt that sexy tho

running though homeassistant bridged into homekit

Made a video on the white a few weeks ago.

MY GDO blaQ in all its glory. Connected to Hubitat and HomeKit.

Thank You Konnected for another amazing product that gives solutions where others have come short. I’m finally able to have my Chamberlain myQ garage door opener to integrate with my smart home without all that extra mumbo jumbo proprietary junk and yearly subscription that until now had limited me from having a truly smart garage door. Installation was a breeze and having it mounted on the motor itself makes it look as it always belonged there…

More pics…

More pics…

Here’s some photos of my setup that I hope help.

Edit: Darn. I’m a new user so I can only upload one photo…

Here are my photos hosted elsewhere.

Newly installed GDO blaQ! Looking forward to using it.


I love the device. It makes my garage door opener smart again. When paired with SmartThings and Android Auto i can now open my garage door from my truck radio.

Quick easy install