Set Alarm Panel Zone to Output/Switch

I have searched  a fair amount, but I can't find instructions as to how to change Alarm Panel zones 1-5 to be outputs (as opposed to contact inputs). This article deals with what I want to do, but my connected cloud has no such options; Set Up Zones in Konnected Cloud. I think that I want to set zone types to "Switch."

Can someone please link me to a "current" method, or suggest where I might be going wrong, or preferably tell me how to do it?

In case it's important, I am using Hubitat.

OK then ... I'll answer this myself.

It appears as though the Set Up Zones in the Konnected Cloud is either out of date, or maybe it only applies only to a SmartThings installation.

Further research and testing showed that Hubitat now commands the Konnected configuration, as follows:

Hubitat: Apps/Konnected/Select board/Next/ ... then under each zone the capability of the Zone I/O can be set. So, my zones are mostly "Open/Close Sensors" for the contacts on doors and windows, but for an output, the Zone is changed to "Switch".

After selecting "Done" the configuration is loaded to the board and the switch zone acts as a switch to control things, like lamps and relays.

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