Security for a Security Product

Security by obscurity....really? setting a random port is not really security.  How about at least a password on the board itself? anyone on my home network could wipe out my alarm config. Sure...I trust my 10 year old to not go messing around.....

 I'm considering purchasing..... Is there still no security?

I've used over Konnected/HE/Noonlight/Zwave for over a year as my primary home alarm system. A few months ago, I happened to notice nothing was working and the logs showed they had not worked for a few weeks. I rebooted the three 12 point konnected boards and Hubitat (HE) C7 and everything worked for a day. Then, with help from the HE community, I noticed I was getting memory leaks (and lockups after a day and half). I bought another HE C7 to see if it would be better. I have 10 Zwave devices (two are smoke detecters) that may be part of the problem. Anyway, It seems I have a pretty klugey system with all these parts and each having it's own slow support system.

 I bought a Blue by ADT system and a Simplisafe system and tested both for a while. I've chosen to stay with Blue since it meets my minimal requirements and I have several cameras from Nest and Blink to self monitor the video. I'll use HE/Konnected/Zwave for home automation and for "checking" my Blue by ADT system since I now have redundant sensors on the doors and windows. Hopefully, I can resolve my memory leak on my HE soon and get my second one (not in real use yet) to stop saying "cloud connection is unavailable" even though I have "hub protect and remote admin" on both. 

I used Noonlight 3 times and was very impressed with their response time. It was only a few seconds each time. I'm impressed with each component by itself, but not being a real programmer, the combination is a stretch for me for life safety systems.

I've been surprised to discover that 12 wireless sensors can be purchased for less than one Konnected Pro and can be installed quickly and there is a live person available to help (by phone) or in person with more money. Also that several legal dedicated home alarm systems can be purchased cheaper than the combo listed above.