Do people feel supported? Future of Konnected?

I've been following Konnected for a while and haven't yet pulled the trigger to purchase as an upgrade for my old DSC 8 station wired security system from the 90's.   

One of my concerns has been the lack of support/community in these forums.   I notice a LOT of posts that get no responses, especially in the automation integration sub forums (ST, Hubitat, HA, etc).    Doesn't seem to be much activity from both a community or more noticeably anyone associated/employed by Konnected.   I posted a topic back in September 2020 and got no responses.   

Do people feel like this is a product that will continue to be supported in the next few years?   Has the luster worn off?    Is this forum just not getting any traction and I should look elsewhere?    The Konnected subreddit doesn't seem very active either.

Are owners feeling like they are getting what they need out of the product today and for future integration/expansion?   Would having company/official involvement in these forums or another social fabric be beneficial in interacting with your customers and learning how they are using your product?

I compare with something like Inovelli's community forums.   The CEO, CTO and marketing managers all interact with customers on a daily basis.     It definitely makes you feel heard and that you'll get an answer to your concerns quickly.

Curious as to what others think?


Guess that answers my question!

HI Corey.  As far as lack of support, I have sent several emails before and after purchasing my pro panel.  They always responded much faster than expected, usually the next day.  They may not monitor this forum as it is a community thing.  Just send your questions to the contact email address.  

I am sure they have real jobs and check emails when they can.  

Corey…I’ve ran into same thing. Bought my conversion kit in March of this year and still can’t get it to work. Lack of community support and I was only looking to get door chimes out of it. It’s pretty difficult to get support for Hubitat integration. I have my entire home automated and this was the worst $150 I spent on any of the stuff I have bought. Just sits here doing nothing.

Corey and Jake,
Call Konnected directly and they will respond with the help you need.
Ken, (a much helped and satisfied customer)

I recently purchased a Pro board and have it functional without the need to come to the forums. The help files were enough to get me going. That said, I'd do it slightly differently next time.

I also emailed before purchase and after and received a response within 24 hours. I do have some outstanding questions which I'll be throwing at the forum now.

I don't know how large the user base is as there aren't many youtube videos either. This may be a contributor to why the forums are quiet.

Good morning Jaidan.  You make a good point about user base.  I have no idea how many kits have been sold so far.  Out of that number, how many made it through install, lost interest, or are very good at getting up and running and have no need or interest in a forum.  

As for me, my system has been up and running for a few months now.  I have a minor issue with setting up multiple users to arm and disarm, but have been too busy to look into it.  Most likely I need to set up the phones again.  

I want to set up another way to arm and disarm besides cell phones.  I do not use my old alarm system except for the power supply and back up battery.  Old control panels not very functional.  I might try using fobs or set up tablets and enter codes again if that can be done.  I understand Konnected is working on better integration with Alexa or another screened home integration to do this.

Like everyone, I am very busy.  I only respond to this forum when I get an email from this string.