Service monitoring options?


I just moved into a home with a fairly new DSC security system installed. I am thinking about replacing it with the konnected solution and am getting started with home automation slowly. I have a few questions:

Are there any options for having a Konnected security system monitored like say an ADT system would be? 

Is there really any value in this anymore? The idea of police being able to more quickly respond to an incident than I might if I'm away seems appealing but it likely isn't going to stop someone anyway. 

As far as home automation systems go, has anyone integrated Konnected with Vera? If so, is this easy to do? I would like to have a scenario where when the house is armed the zwave locks on the doors automatically lock, maybe do something with the thermostat and/or lights depending on stay or leaving scenarios.

If not Vera, which system might be the best for this type of thing?