Samsung hub died, new hub can't load devices

Seeing if someone can point me in the right direction.  V2 SmartThings Hub died and was sent a v3.  Logging into I can see everything is still there from the initial setup.  When I go in to the classic SM app and click on the Automation > smart apps, I see apps and information.  

Then going in to each board (I have 3) and click through to save and all I get is a red bar with an error...

Not sure how to get this to work, short of deleting everything and starting over. 

I have the same problem, v2 died now i have a v3 and could not get my konnected devices active.  I've actually gone as far as deleting all three of my konnected devices, and have restore one.  however the individual devices connected to the module are not sensed by smarthnings although the modules are.

no one has an idea of how to move from one smart hub to another (essentially upgrading Smartthings hubs) and to not have to blow everything away?