Replacing a NodeMCU board from a previously installed and configured system

Lightning smoked one of my NodeMCU boards that was in my installed and configured system. I can replace the NodeMCU board, and yes, this seems like a good time to buy the lightning protection kits. :-)

My question is whether there are any shortcuts to replace an entire board in SmartThings without losing configuration. That is, basically change the MAC address that SmartThings knows about. Or is it necessary to remove references to things on that board in automations, remove the things, remove the board, and add everything back?

I've now discovered that all three boards were toasted, although only one actually showed physical damage from the lightning.

Even more interested in best way to "replace" a Konnected board in SmartThings.

Any update here? I had a node board die on me too and need to replace it.

Actually, I'm back with the same predicament. We did have a direct lighting strike at the house and I lost  a power supply and it appears all my NodeMCU boards again (surge protectors and lightning diodes did no good).