Do I still need GitHub repository steps for a re-install?

I installed my 6 zone board 3 years ago to utilize a hard wired old Guardian system.  During this install, it was prior to the Konnected Cloud, so I had to go through a number of steps during installation that involved device handlers, GitHub repository, and things of that nature.  Somewhat advanced for my skill set but I got through it successfully.

This week my SmartThings hub went bad, so I had to do a full factory reset to it, which means I now have to connect all of my devices again to the Hub.  If I am starting from scratch again with setting up the Konnected board, do I still need to go through all of the Device Handler, GitHub repository steps from years ago, or is it now a streamlined setup via the Konnected Cloud?

Just curious before I delete all the Konnected stuff I have in place, even though it currently is not showing any of my devices connected to the board, but are in my SmartThings.

 I hope someone answers this. I have the same question.

I can provide an update!  I did not delete anything from my SmartThings Device Handler site, nor did I do anything from the GitHub repository.  I simply deleted the Konnected device from the Konnected app, also deleted any signs of Konnected on my SmartThings app.

Went into the Konnected app to clear the cache, force it to stop.

Then after restarting my phone, opened the Konnected app, and followed all of the normal installation tips, it had the Konnected device found and set up again.  I just needed to re-assign my zone numbers, which I had written down before I deleted everything.

After that, everything was able to be found in SmartThings, and assigned to the appropriate rooms.  There have been no issues since!